The Journey to Yogyakarta!

Hi guys! Today I want to share my biggest trip to Yogyakarta that happened last year. 

It’s everyone’s dream to go to interesting places. Either for inspirations and education, or just a place for having fun with friends and family. Well whatever the purpose, everyone has the will to go to places inside or outside of the country. Every adventure brings a whole new experience and a whole new story to share with friends and family. You can also learn different cultures from places that you visit. 

I live in the busy city of Jakarta in Indonesia. Just to be honest, I love to go on adventures to many places. Luckily, I got the chance to go to Yogyakarta last year, one of my biggest trip of all time! And now, I want to share it all with you guys ;).

                    ▪■▪■▪■▪■▪■▪■▪■▪■▪■▪ where was I? Oh yes, my trip. I went to Yogyakarta along with my family in December 22 on 2016, and got home nice and cozy in December 26 on 2016.

At first, we were at Semarang for a day. The next morning, we packed our bags and got off to Yogyakarta! And the fun had just started.

We got through a highway that leads to Yogyakarta. I even took some pictures along the way. The view of the highway was full of green and fresh trees and high mountains. Take a look….

I also got a one time shot picture of mountain from the distance.

And there’s still more!

That time, the weather was perfect. Not too hot and not too cold either. That’s why we decided to stop by at Rawa Pening.

Rawa Pening is located at near Ambarawa, Central Java in Indonesia. This place is really amazing, I took a few shots in this place.

Rawa Pening is also one of the folk lores in Indonesia. Now, Rawa Pening has been a very popular place in Central Java. The place is famous for it’s restaurant, Resto Apung Kampung Rawa. I took the picture panorama style.

What makes this restaurant unique is the place itself. It floats on top of the water, just like eating on a ship. The food is very delicious too. To get there, we have to cross over with a boat, and finally when we arrive, we could sit down on one of the tables and enjoy the view. This will be a new experience for you to try it yourselves! Now let’s move on shall we.

After that one quick meal at Rawa Pening, we head on to our hotel! We stayed at Jambuluwuk Hotel and Boutique.

When we arrived at the hotel, we got to the check in area for our rooms. I took a picture of a cloud from my window, but I wasn’t able to take some more picture because we arrived in the afternoon, and we had to go somewhere else that time.

The next morning, we got to the lobby and into the kitchen for our breakfast. The food is very delicious. There are local and international dishes.

In this pciture, I took a salad, an orange and guava mix juice, and finally an ice cream dessert with mangoes and strawberry jam on top. The ice cream is very light and creamy. It’s called hotel and boutique because you can buy clothes and other souvenirs in the hotel. There is also a big pool near our breakfast spot.

I even swam in the pool after a few hours of breakfast. It was refreshing and cold. The water is very cold in the morning but further on, it becomes a lot warmer.

The next place that we visited was Ganjuran Church.

The Church of Hati Kudus Yesus or Ganjuran Church is a catholic church loacted in Ganjuran, Bantul, Indonesia. This church was built on April 16 in 1924, by the Schmutzer Family, that had a sugar factory near the place. This church is very unique, because the building is a mix of Javanese and Eroupean architecture. This is what the church looks like inside…..

The place i very beatiful. You can get a bottle of holy water of your own from this place. There is also a temple inside the church area, I took the picture and here it is!

You can also put candles inside the candle placing area inside the glass cabinets. I even found this near the temple…..

After we prayed in the church and also infront of the temple, we went off to our next destination, Kaliurang.

Kaliurang is a very cold place that is famous for it’s tempe bacem and many more. Tempe bacem is a must try food or snack in Kaliurang. 

That’s me with a fresh bag of tempe bacem. It’s really good!

The olace is very cold and very refreshing too. I got here a bit too late, so I didn’t get to stay there any longer. You should come to this place on a perfect weather and early in the morning if you need to, because you will have plenty of time for exploring this place.

But then, it started to rain. So, we left in ahurry and began to look for another destination until……..

We found Ullen Sentalu Museum! We got to the museum for cover and also an unexpected adventure inside.

Ullen Sentalu Museum is a museum that contains a lot of interesting things. From the Mataram Dynasty, to the heart of Java, that is batik. As you can see, batik that are made in Java have different meanibgs of their own. That’s what makes them special. You can also find wayang kulit or blencong. There are also Javanese music instruments, like the gamelan.  

 The name Ullen Sentalu is an acronym for “ulating blencong sejatine tataraning lumaku” which means; the light from a blencong is a path for us to move on and a way to maintain our life.

I couldn’t take any pictures of the museum from inside, because they don’t allow us to take any photos of the museum. Except the parts that you can take a picture or photo area. 

The place is very big, if I do say so myself. You will have a tour guide for your tour in the museum. You will also get a fresh and warm Javanese drinks, such as Jamu.

So after the tour, you will enter a special area where you can take pictures. Here is the place!

The stone on the middle means that our generation is slowly falling apart, because of their bad behaviours and morals, also using technology with the wrong way. So, we should build a generation that has a good sense in behaviours and smart in using technologies. Here are some more pictures of the place….


So, after a few days in Yogya, we went to a nearby church in Yogya. I didn’t take any pictures that time. We also celebrated christmas in Yogya too. Before we got home, we went to Sumberwatu Heritage!

Sunberwatu Heritage is a really wonderful place! You can stay in a villa that is connected with the place. It’s very beautiful, you can see Borobudur Temple and Prambanan Temple from up here! The place is very nice and fresh. But, the food is also tasty! Take a look ….

The next day, we finally went home to Jakarta. We used a train to get home, and the view was great! You can see fields and trees along the way. I even took some pictures too.

I’ve never been in a train before, so this was kinda new to me. I was so excited that  my tummy starts to rumble, and it was telling me that I’m hungry!

So, we bought some food in the train. I only bought two packs, and it turned out fine.

Then, after afew hours later, we arrived at Jakarta!

And that was the end of my journey in Yogyakarta! Go check out the places in the journey. I bet you’re going to like it. Also, you should bring some warm clothes for high places like Ullen Sentalu and Sumberwatu Heritage, but it also depends on the weather.

Thank you for reading my trip to Yogyakarta! I’m so glad to share my story with you guys. You should go on amazing adventure or traveling sometime. Why not? It’s worth a try, who knows what kind of wonders might be waiting outside your front door. Get your backpacks tight and that camera on your hand because a new story had just begun for your journey. That’s all from me, enjoy your travels 😊.

“Traveling, it leaves you speechless. Then it turns you into a storyteller.”

~IBN Batutah

             ▪■▪■▪■▪■▪The End▪■▪■▪■▪■▪                  



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