Morning Beach Walk…

Ah~ the beach. What do you always get when you hear the word “beach”?

Sunny skies, with a coconut drink on your side while you’re sitting on a chair, enjoying the summer breeze on the coast line. Everyone loves the beach. Perfect warm beach air, blue waves splashing on the coast line, sunny skies, beach balls bouncing here and there, etc. Whatever the reason, everyone loves the beach.

You can learn and study the living creatures in the ecosystem, or you can just go there and lay down to get that perfect tan, or just hanging out with your friends and family for a good swim. There are lots of interesting things you can find in the beach. 

I love to go to the beach as well. Usually, I go swimming or just for a morning beach walk. One of my favourite beach is Ancol Beach in Jakarta or you might say Ancol Dreamland. I took some pictures as well in the beach. Now let’s take a look at the beach!


We went to the beach at July 8 in 2017. We went to the beach for a morning walk and I also decided to take on a picture hunt in the beach. When we got there, it was crowded. So we didn’t go to the beach and decided to go to Ecopark inside the Ancol Beach area. On our way, we crossed over a bridge that gave us a wonderful view of the sea. Here is the picture….

There were lots of people that bought fresh caught fish and prawns near the bridge. Then after we got of from the bridge we walked down a boat parking area. There were many boats, but only one caught my eye and decided to take a picture of it.

The name of the boat is Sadewa! I just love the colour, don’t you? You can ride inside the boat and the sailor will take you to the middle of the sea for a nice view of the ocean. I’ve ridden it once, and it was fun.

Near the boat, I saw a beach house and a view of the white clear sand and with the warm beach air that made me so happy. I took some picture near the place.

That beach house over there has a cafe inside. You can eat and enjoy the tropical view of the beach while you’re inside. Then we walked to a sports park. It’s a park where you can do all kinds of sports that’s in the area. I tried to do a pull up bar but failed. You can also do some jogging and much more!

After that, we went into our car and drove to Ecopark. Luckily, the park wasn’t too crowded. It was nice. In here, you can do lots of stuffs like cycling, feeding the fishes, go on a boat ride, or eat some delicious snacks. I only bought one snack that time, it was a Hongkong styled egg waffle.

There are many kinds of fillings and toppings to choose from. And don’t forget the flavours. My waffle was a chocolate falvoured egg waffle with a nutella filling. It’s crispy in the inside and very soft in the inside, this is a must try.

Inside the park, there were lots of trees and a big lake. There was also a cycling track and a jogging track. It was really fun, we also bought some gudeg and pecel . Those are one of the must try Indonesian meals. It’s really delicious, and you should try it too!

We didn’t do much in Ecopark and decided to go home. I was a bit sad because the trip had to end so fast. But I still have a story to share don’t I? I’m so glad that I can share my stories with you guys. Anyways, thanks for reading my blog, I really appriaciate that 😊.

We have to keep our beach clean, so we could save the ecosystem and make our beach even better than before. And I’m sure we will also be happy with all the clean sand and blue oceans. So, I’ll seeyou on my next blog post 😉



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